Care Instructions

  • Ensure that your jewelry is stored in a dry location, away from excessive humidity, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
  • Remember to take off your rings and bracelets before washing your hands or showering to prevent soap particles from getting stuck in stone settings and crevices. Soaps can also leave a residue on metal and stones, resulting in a dull appearance.
  • To avoid scratching, chipping, and tangling, store your jewelry in its own box or pouch.
  • Before being sold, all silver undergoes manual polishing. However, exposure to the air makes silver prone to oxidation and subsequent tarnishing.
  • To restore the original shine of the surface, gently rub it with a silver cleaning cloth.
  • Avoid using liquid cleaners on engraved silver jewelry as the liquid can dry up in the engravings.
  • Gold-plated silver jewelry will eventually experience wear on the plating if worn for extended periods. To regain its appearance, you can have it re-plated.
  • When getting dressed, always put on your jewelry last to prevent makeup, cosmetics, and perfumes from causing damage to delicate pieces.
  • Take extra care when wearing jewelry with gemstones to protect the settings and to ensure the safety of the diamond or gemstone it holds.